X-box Continuum

Monday, January 26, 2009 | |

The following set of pictures is my latest Adv. Photo Assignment. The topic was a "New aspect of the new semester." This semester I stepped into the world of the x-box 360. I also decided to branch out of my normal style with abnormal sizes, random crops, long titles, and slightly blurred faces instead of crisp and clean. It was a good learning experience and I can't wait to experiment with more ideas.

It's kind of like when you are little and want to stay up and read your favorite book under the covers with a flashlight.

And then you grow older and actually spend late nights reading with you favorite cup of tea in hand.

Then finally the question becomes: Who's controlling who now?

P.S.- keep a look out for my fisheye experiments...I CAN'T WAIT!


Jamie Zurawski said...

I love the one with Jordan reading the game cover.. so very clever!! awesome job ashley.. keep it up!
love always, Jamie

Aunt Donna said...

Great job Ashley! I keep checking for new updates. Love, Aunt Donna

Ashley Nichole said...

thanks guys! I'm glad people actually look at my blog haha! LOVE YOU BOTH