Monday, May 12, 2008 | |

Sometimes you watch sappy movies, live through another's death, and just sit and think about how different life would be without someone. I've been alive 20 years now...and that holds a lot of room for people and their impact on me. I dedicate my laugh...and the way I live my life to all the people I love and have been loved by.

Love is a strong word...and some people claim that it is used too often and without meaning.
But as I sit hear writing, I've never regretted loving someone, I've never regretted uttering that four letter word to anyone and I don't think I ever will. We all know that anger and hurt can become unbearable in some relationships, but just because you might have stopped loving someone, doesn't mean they didn't count at the time.

Someone once told me, "I feel like loving others and just loving in general is one or maybe the most important thing in life." This isn't a direct quote but it's close. So here I am expressing my love. I truly want to love others, because I truly appreciate all the love I've been given.

And as you read ...I hope that you can grasp that feeling, hold on to it, and never let go of it. If you do let go....only let go of that love to others...wholeheartedly. You may be thinking, "what feeling"'s the feeling of being loved.


Allison Jae said...

your words are beautiful and so are YOU!

miss you and love you!