What are you selling stranger?

Friday, May 23, 2008 | |

Stranger? Why do you live in such an evil residence? Why is your soul as black as the night? Why do I come up with such random titles for albums and blogs? Well I choose to title something with exactly that moment, whether it's what I'm feeling, watching, or experiencing. Makes no difference.

At this very moment, I am sitting at J-dubs house, playing on his knew MAC and watching him play Resident Evil on the Wii. Boring?
Well on my part yes...but every boy needs
his video game fix every once in a while, yeah? Especially when his girlfriend will be leaving f
or the summer in 2 days, yeah? haha. Really, I could care less. Because i've learned over the years (that makes me sound old) that fighting over the small stuff is not worth the small time I have with people. And to clear the air, I am not mad at Jordan's video game habits because well, I could sit for hours doing the same thing, I just don't have time. And frankly, he is real cute when he gets all pumped up and nervous or even scared in this case :)

Speaking of scared, last night. He thought it would be hilarious to take the form of a zombie and literally make me poop my pants, I almost took a dump in my pants. I am easily scared, and Jordan likes to take advantage of this. Especially when he has already made me watch the scariest movies to traumatize me for life. Any who, yes. Jordan is still slaying zombies on the television. I don't think he has blinked in the last half hour. Oh well, his fault if he doesn't use his tear glands properly.

So the main point of this post is not to lay down a synopsis of Jordan's gaming habits,
it's a chance for me to show some love. And I do indeed love every bit of the man sitting next to me, numb-chuck in hand.

It all started in the college scene, a funny yet particular scene that makes me chuckle every time I think about it. Whether he w
as stopping by my dorm room unannounced, chatting it up on AIM, or texting me during class. Jordan and I started hanging out regardless of our confusing lives in the present and in the summer ahead. A few broken bets later and packed suitcase for the Dominican Republic, he left for the summer. I was like a sick puppy, checking the internet almost every hour, waiting for that email and those words, "I miss you."

He returned, only after we had shopped in H & M too long and he was left waiting at the airport way after he got off the plane. We made it facebook official, I know, seems like Middle School. But it wasn't anywhere close to that. And now as I sit here, we have almost been together 10 months. long time. that seems so short. I don't regret one minute. When is it time to court? no, but seriously. when is it time?

I've never met someone who has genuinely cared so much for my whole being.
Who has completely excepted me for who I am and doesn't want me to change in any way.
Who still says those sweet things even though i've heard them a million times over already.
Who opens the door for me every time. (except for those 4 times. we both keep track)
He still melts my insides every time he plays the same songs on that same guitar. The same
rock show i've seen almost 30 times.
The same man that I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Thank you for the journey Jordan.
Thank you for the love you've given me
and thank you for letting me love you.


Allison Jae said...

umm kinda cheesy...
kinda mushy...

but I loved it! so cute, ash! : )

I am definitely coming to visit you when I get back. Or you can come visit me! Something. I must see you sooooon.
love you always!