First Photos

Monday, October 27, 2008 | |

These aren't the first photos I've ever taken of course, but they are the first ones I took for merely the fun of taking pictures and experimenting with my own interests. I also edited them in photoshop, you can see that I love black and white or really bright color schemes with high intensities and contrasting colors. I took them with a 35 mm film camera and then I edited them digitally.


jamiezurawski said...

Ash, your photography is amazing!! that is no lie.. i love it! i especially love the one of the cross and the side of the tree... i'm a sucker for anything artsy. good work love! i love you and miss you tons. i'm glad i can come visit you on your blog now and see how your life is going! my love for you has no end.. you are my best friend.

Ashley Nichole said...

why thank you jamie!!!
I LOVE YOU TOO!!! and visit any time girly!

Tag Mag said...

Nice work! contribute!