Line and Space

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 | |

The following picture is my very first photo comm assignment of this year. The focus was "line" and using line as the main aspect of the picture. We edited them in photoshop, black and white, emphasizing the content instead of the color. I took this picture outside my apartment in Kulp, a fire escape to be more exact. It is extinct though, hence the fact it looks old and unusable, because well, it is.

These pictures were some I took for my space assignment. They emphasize empty space and the arrangement of the objects within the space of the picture. They can also convey a sense of depth or a sense of flatness in the frame.

This is my final space photo for class, taken at one of Jordan's rock concerts. I snapped it real fast, fascinated by the natural layout of the objects in the picture and what the light did to each of them in return.