More Photo Comm Assignments

Sunday, November 9, 2008 | |

Here is my final motion picture. We were supposed to capture blurred motion or still motion behind the camera and I decided to capture both for my final piece. Notice the difference in the before and after...there is quite a difference. 

BEFORE                                                                AFTER


Let's just say that one of my best friends Jocelyn Miller was behind the umbrella and this turned out to be one of my most entertaining shoots for class (to say the least). She was willing to do anything and sometimes...I couldn't get her to stop.....and I took about 75 pictures of this it. 


Here are a few others I took that I really liked as well... 


Here is my final color assignment as well. This assignment was probably my worst, because I had a really hard/rough weekend and my homework time was cut short. I'm not that proud about this picture, but I still took the time to do it so here it is!